Heather started her career with Print Works in 2016, the parent company of Basic Apparel.
In just a few short years Heather’s eye for detail landed her a role as Finance Manager where she was introduced to a few finance duties as well as managing the purchasing side of the business. Shortly after in 2018, Heather became Director of Finance
High attention to detail and a full understanding of the innermost workings of the business have aided in Heather’s advancement. As Heather worked her way through different departments at Print Works she always says “process is key” no matter what department, this statement is something she takes with her. Heather oversees some of the most important behind the scenes processes that help Print Works be the industry leader it is.
Heather says, “This company has definitely been a blessing for me, I owe it all to God and the great support of family & coworkers.” Her hard work and dedication to the business opened up continuous opportunity for growth and advancement within Print Works & Basic Apparel Co.
Heather sits on the Executive Leadership Team and holds finance responsibility including; payables, monthly reports, government intervention, A/R, company budgets, procurement, and human resources strategy in support of the overall business plan and strategic direction of the organization — specifically in the areas of succession planning, talent management, change management, organizational and performance management, training and development, and compensation.
Heather is also the Vice-President of the Basic Apparel Company where she leads the end-to-end responsibilities for all segments of the brand.
“I am super excited and honored to lead the Basic Apparel Company, we provide amazing-stylish clothing, at a great price, and all for our amazing customers. If you’re not shopping Basic, you’re missing out!”


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