Basic Apparel Company started as just a dream: offering our customers with excellent quality clothing at a reasonable price.

We aspire for you to not only LOVE our apparel but really LIVE LIFE to the fullest in it! We think that feeling your best in your favorite outfit is the starting point of that. 

Personal style has way more to say about you than you'd probably ever speak verbally out loud.

Yeah sure, fancy dresses and ballgowns are great, but how much of your life is actually lived in those items? If you're like all of us at BΛSIC, you truly live your life in clothing that makes you feel confident, comfortable, and most importantly--happy. 

That favorite tee, you know the one you wore when you had that amazing girls night? BΛSIC.

That favorite hat, the one you always have to wear to the lake. BΛSIC. 

That favorite blouse, the one that makes you feel like you can take on the world... okay, maybe not the whole world, but at least take on that meeting you have on Tuesday. BΛSIC.

The favorite sweatshirt, yes that one, you know the one that you always hope is clean, (or at least feels clean) because it makes you feel at home? BΛSIC.

Those BΛSIC pieces of apparel are ones that you actually live life in. Those staple items are the ones you wear on a daily basis and you know they are going to stay strong through wash and wear. Those are items that you can pair differently depending on how you feel today by dressing it up OR dressing it down. Those essential pieces that you will live in, those items are what Basic Apparel Company strives each day to provide. Live life, go on an adventure, stay BΛSIC.