To DYE For

The Biggest Trend of the Season 

Just like history repeats itself, so does fashion. The Tie Dye trend is a major 70's throwback and it's sticking around for sure! Tie Dye has successfully secured it's spot as one of, if not the most, trendiest patterns for the season. 
You might think of Tie Dye as something you would do as a kid on a plain white shirt, and while that might still be true today - things have changed. We see Tie Dye on EVERYTHING now. Seriously, we mean everything; skirts, dresses, sweatshirts - you name it! 

Here are some tips we have to help you seriously NAIL this trend!

  • Keep it effortless. 

    Bright and loud prints might seem a bit scary - but don't sweat it. Keep your look effortless and simple with a more relaxed look. We have hand-dyed some of our own shirts here at Basic Apparel, and we believe it is perfect for this effortless look. These tops are muted and subtle - but still on trend. 
  • Get creative with graphics. 

    Graphics are super popular in our store - our number one best-seller, actually! So I'm sure it's no surprise that we have graphics on our Tie Dyed Tees! 
  • Be Bold.

    Don't hold yourself back with this trend! Summertime was made for bright and fun colors - this is where you OWN it! These shirts are bright and fun, just what the doctor ordered! 
  • Get Comfy!

    Finally, what girl doesn't need the cutest pair of Tie Dye shorts to lounge in? Our Daydreamer shorts are to DYE for... seriously! The softest things you'll ever put on - so much that you won't be able to take them off! 


Stay on trend this summer with EASE at Basic Apparel Company!