The Loungewear Jogger Trend: Why You Need It

Find out why the loungewear jogger trend is so hot right now and why you need it in your closet ASAP! 

Loungewear is defined as casual, comfortable clothing suitable for wearing at home. While loungewear is definitely perfect for relaxing at home, it's also an ON TREND outing look.  

Fashion icon Gigi Hadid has been seen rocking the loungewear look on the go:
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Reality star Kylie Jenner has also been spotted wearing this look:
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Victoria Beckham is following this trend:
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By now I'm sure you're definitely convinced that you NEED to be on the loungewear wave. If so - we have you covered at Basic Apparel! 
Here are some of our loungewear FAVES:
Weekender Burnout Joggers
All Day Joggers in Camo 
All Day Joggers in Army Green 
Get suited up with our new loungewear joggers - whether you're going for a day out on the town, or staying at home. This trend is a MUST!